Do I Need a Custom Gun Holster for My Kimber Micro?

If you’re a 1911 fan who’s been looking for a compact, lightweight carry gun, you may be looking at the Kimber Micro. That’s a good choice. After all, the 1911 and Kimber Micro share a lot of functional similarities. And you’ll also be familiar with how to use and clean the gun.

Kimber 1911 Micro

Unfortunately, those similarities end when it comes to choosing a concealed carry holster for your Kimber Micro. Since the Kimber Micro is so much smaller than a standard 1911 (about half the size), you won’t be able to use a regular 1911 holster to carry it. What’s more, holsters for the Kimber Micro aren’t always easy to find.

IWB Kimber Micro Holster

That’s where we come in. At Southern Trapper, we’ve perfected crafting custom Kimber Micro gun holsters out of sturdy and stylish alligator leather. Check out our different holster styles here to find one that will fit your Kimber Micro (and individual needs) perfectly.Alligator Kimber Micro Holster

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