Should I Choose a Kimber Micro for a Concealed Carry Gun?

So, you’re doing research on a new carry gun, scouring the internet for any information you can find. One of the choices you come across is the Kimber Micro. Could the Kimber Micro be a good choice for your daily concealed carry gun?

Kimber Micro 9

If you’re a fan of the 1911 platform, it just might be. The Kimber Micro is essentially a miniaturized version of John Browning’s timeless 1911. Although it’s significantly smaller and lighter than a 1911 (it’s almost half the size of its predecessor), the Micro is functionally extremely similar to the gun that came before it.

Kimber Micro

However, its smaller size makes this gun much easier to conceal. As a result, the Kimber Micro is a great choice for any 1911 fan who needs a smaller, more compact weapon for their daily concealed carry needs.

Kimber Micro Custom Holster

But that does mean that you’ll need to get a custom gun holster to concealed carry your Kimber Micro successfully. Luckily, you’re already in the right place. Check out Southern Trapper's selection of holster styles and find the perfect custom Kimber Micro gun holster here.

IWB Kimber Micro Holster

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