Leather Holsters For Springfield Armory

We Make Springfield Armory Leather Holsters For:

(9/40/45) Full size      
(9/40/45) Sub compact      
(9/40/45) Tactical w/ CT      
(9/40/45) XD        
(9/40/45) XD w/ CT      
(9/40/45) XDM 3.8" w/ CT    
(9/40/45) XDM 4.5"      
(9/40/45) XDM 5.25"      
1911 0.38        
1911 w/3"        
1911 w/4"        
1911 w/4" with rail      
1911 w/5"        
1911 w/6" with rail      
16681 XDS 3.3" with CT    
16681 XDS 4.0" w/ CT    
Emp 40        
Emp 45        
Emp 9        
Emp C-3        
Range Office Elite Compact 45-4”    
Range Office Elite Compact 45-4”    
XD Mod 2      
XD Mod 2 Full Size 14855 4.2"  
XD SC Mod 2 45    
XDE 9mm 3.3”      
Leather holster for Springfield

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Custom Springfield Holsters

Customer Reviews

"Beyond the appearance, comfort, and quality of your holsters, you'll find pride in workmanship unlike any company I have purchased from before. My hat is off to you"

- Richard Hastings

"Your holsters are pieces of art that my children will fight over. I'll be a customer for life"

- Carl Phillips

"The quality is far superior to any holster I have ever owned. Well worth the wait. The environmental aspect is unheard of, well done"

- Stephen Kasser