Hollow Point Bullets and 1911s: Do They Jam More?

There’s been a debate raging amongst 1911 owners for decades, and it revolves around the use of the hollow points with the 1911 platform. Some say that hollow points are the 1911’s kryptonite, and will cause the firearm to jam more frequently. Others will say that 1911s can eat all kinds of ammo. We’ll get to the bottom of hollow point bullet feeding issues with the 1911 platform in this post. 

1911 Hollow Point Feeding Issues: Do Hollow Points Jam More?

This debate continues to rage in the annals of the firearms world today. Those who support the theory will say that the 1911 was never designed for hollow points. As a result, the 1911 won’t feed hollow points properly, causing the gun to jam more often. Those who oppose the theory say that there’s no reason for the 1911 to have trouble feeding modern hollow point bullets.

One thing you’ll notice about this topic when you research it online is that while it does appear to happen, the majority of people don’t need to worry about it. Speaking personally, even my low-end 1911s don’t have trouble feeding hollow point ammo. But some people apparently have this problem with higher-tier guns like Springfields. So obviously there’s something going on here.

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How to Overcome Feeding Issues with Hollow Points and Your 1911

One way to approach the “1911 won’t feed hollow points” dilemma is by looking at other possible sources of failure. These could be contributing factors to why a particular gun won’t feed hollow points. If you’re having trouble with your 1911, try these hacks.

Polish the Feed Ramp

This is such a common issue with 1911s that there are memes dedicated to it. The 1911’s feed ramp is a simple and robust component that works extremely well the way it’s designed. But if it starts to get mucked up with grit and carbon fouling, it can spiral into serious problems. 

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to keep your feed ramp clean. Just disassemble your gun and scrub it with your favorite CLP and a nylon brush. Once it’s shiny and squeaky clean, you should have no issues feeding hollow point bullets.

Use Quality Magazines

Here’s another common issue that’s easy to overlook. There are tons of companies making 1911s out there, and even more of them make their own 1911 magazines. Some of these magazines aren’t made to the same quality standards as the big boys (like Wilson Combat or Springfield). As a result, these lower-quality magazines can cause feeding problems. This is a common problem with any type of firearm, not just 1911s. If your 1911 jams more often when feeding hollow points, try using a different magazine.

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Why Use Hollow Points With Your 1911

With all this discussion around the effectiveness of 1911s and hollow point ammunition, it does beg one question. If they’re prone to issues, why even bother with hollow points in the first place?

If you’re using hollow points, it means you’re carrying your weapon for self-defense. And if that’s the case, you’re going to need the right holster to do the job. To learn more about all of the holsters we carry at the Southern Trapper, explore our inventory here.

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