Which 1911 is Best For You?

The 1911 pistol has a long and illustrious history. Over that time, various gunsmiths have tried their hand at improving this endlessly functional platform. That development has given rise to new takes on the traditional firearm, all of which require their own accessories. In this post, we’ll look at the full size Colt Government 1911, including the Commander and the Kimber Micro 9 and the best holster for each.

Accuray and Power: the Full Size Colt Government 1911

There’s a reason we still use the full sized 1911s today. They’re reliable, they’re easy to aim, and they hit hard. The full sized 1911, also known as “Colt Government” style, has been used for over a century thanks to its robust design.

The Government 1911 features a 5-inch slide and barrel. This gives it a long sight radius, meaning that a good shooter can reliably nail shots out to 50 meters. Chambered in the 45 ACP cartridge, it also has plenty of stopping power. However, its metal frame and long slide make it heavy and large, thus difficult to conceal.

Full Size 1911 Holster

Hard-Hitting Hidability: Commander 1911

After World War II, the US Military began researching a way to make the 1911 lighter and more concealable. The Commander 1911 was one of the proposed solutions. Today, modern Commander variants have proliferated into civilian use.

While originally chambered in 9x19 Parabellum, you can find Commanders in various different calibers, including 45 ACP, these days. The Commander has a shorter 4-inch barrel than its Government counterpart. This makes it lighter and shorter, thus easier to hide. It does cut down on a shooter’s sight radius, though. 

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Compact Concealment: the Kimber Micro 9

With the advent of super-small pistols from companies like Glock, it looked like the 1911’s days as a concealed weapon were numbered. Fortunately, Kimber wasn’t about to let that happen. In 2013, they announced a compact version of the 1911 platform dubbed the “Kimber Micro 9” to compete with the newfangled tupperware guns.

The standard Kimber Micro 9 comes chambered in 9x19 Parabellum, although you can find 380 ACP versions, too. Its barrel is 2.75 inches long, making it almost half the length of a traditional 1911. As a result, it’s ultra-concealable, and one of the best 1911 options for concealed carry.

Kimber Micro 9

Go Custom for the Best Holster for a Full Size Colt Government 1911, Commander, or Kimber Micro 9

Regardless of whether you choose a Commander, a full size Colt Government 1911, or a Kimber Micro 9, you’re going to need a holster to carry it. There’s no “one size fits all” holster for these three firearms. And if adding any extra accessories like a red dot or tactical light will change the kind of holster you need, too.

That’s why you should stick with a custom leather holster for your 1911 variant. A custom holster will fit your gun perfectly throughout its entire lifetime. Moreover, leather is the perfect material for both passive retention and to prevent damage to your gun. And if you’re looking for a durable, reliable leather holster, choose the Southern Trapper. To learn more, explore our complete selection in our online store.

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